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Mass transit (e.g. underground or tram)
Construct a mass transit scheme e.g. underground metro or tram

New roads
Construct new roads

Manage demand by vehicles
Manage demand by vehicles on the transport network

Bus improvements
Bus priority measures such as bus lanes and improved options for all abilities

Rail improvements
Improve local rail services by increasing frequency and opening new stations

Park and Ride
Create more Park and Ride sites around the edges of the city

Walking improvements
Complete a safe, inclusive and attractive walking network for all abilities

Cycling improvements
Complete a safe and well connected cycling network suitable for ages and abilities

Restrict polluting vehicles
Restrict access on some roads for heavily polluting vehicles and encourage cleaner fuels such as electric vehicles

Efficient freight movement
Reduce number of freight movements by consolidating goods into fewer, fuller vehicles

Travel information
Improve travel information and signposting- eg online info, maps, legibility to allow more people to make multi-modal trips

Invest in technology
Invest in technologies to enable door to door journeys through smart phone apps

Road safety
Improved road safety measures eg reduced speed limits

EARN EXTRA POINTS! Road user charging
EARN POINTS! Road user charging e.g. congestion charge

EARN EXTRA POINTS! Workplace parking charges
EARN POINTS! Workplace parking levy

EARN EXTRA POINTS! Council tax increase
EARN POINTS! Council tax rate increase

EARN EXTRA POINTS! Business rate increase
EARN POINTS! Business rate increase